Henan Company

Henan General Trading LTD.

The full coverage of our products and saving time for our customers is our goal

Henan General Trading Co., Ltd. was founded in 2005 and is one of the leading companies in the field of food marketing in Iraq. The company is marketing the finest food items and world famous brands.
Henan markets and distributes consumer food products manufactured in the world's largest factories, which are ISO-certified and global health ministries. It also guarantees its customers products according to international standards and standards, including product specifications, including packing, weighting, sizes and durability.
Therefore, the company company owns a fleet in the marketing and distribution of food products in the Iraqi market where it has a flexible administrative efforts to keep pace with developments and dedication to work with its staff. Hence, Henan Food Marketing Company was able to enter the Iraqi market for less than 12 years and covered all the needs of Iraqi markets.
Henan's experience in food marketing has taken over 15 years to improve and develop food marketing, which enables us to expand and respond quickly to all tastes and even future predictions to meet customers' desires. We are also ready to provide any product with special requirements for wholesale customers and according to the tastes of their customers.